Optimum selection of the dental implant diameter

2016-06-14 18:05
The 4.0mm diameter implants should be basic diameter implant instead of 3.5mm diameter.

The thickness of the 3.5mm diameter of KISPLANT is wider compare to that of other companies.
However, the replacement of a single premolar with the 3.5mm implant has a risk of fracture after 4-5 years (the same rule goes for Straumann, Osstem and Dentium).
So, here is a guideline for dental implant diameter selection:
Implant size selection depends on the tooth numbering of upper and lower jaws
1. #4 and #5: The 4.0mm is ideal as the 3.5mm diameter is too small
2. #6 and #7: The 4.5mm is ideal as the 4.0mm diameter is too small
3. #6 and #7: Do not use the 4.0 mm diameter for a single tooth implant. If there are more than 2 implants in the same area then due to space restrictions then the 4.0mm diameter is possible.
Implant size selection in general
1. 3.0mm: When replacing a single tooth implant among 4 incisors in the lower jaw. (with a crown of course)
2. 3.5mm: Restrict the use of this diameter to Maxillary lateral incisor & 4 mandibular anterior teeth. Their use should be avoided for maxillary anterior and all posterior teeth. A single crown is possible
3. 4.0mm: #1,3,4,5 in the upper jaw & #3,4,5 in the lower jaw. A single crown is possible
4. 4.5mm above: Molars on the upper and lower jaws. Must use the 4.5mm diameter or wider
Implant size selection by case - multiple unit replacement
1. Molars in the upper and lower jaws (2 units-bridge): Two 4.0 mm diameter implants is possible
2. Molars in the upper and lower jaws (3 units-bridge) : Using two 4.0 mm diameter implants is advisable otherwise at least one 4.5mm diameter implant must be used
3. Single premolar: Use the 4.0mm diameter above
4. Two premolars on a bridge: The 3.5mm diameter implant is possible
5. 4 incisors in the lower jaw and a 4-unit bridge: Two 3.5mm diameter implants
6. 4 incisors in the upper jaw and a 4-unit bridge: It depends on the occlusion length of bridge, if the forces of occlusion is less, the two 4.0mm implants are ideal however the two 3.5mm implants can be used too
Note 1: If the above guidelines are not followed, the head of fixture would be at risk of fracture
Note 2: The above guidelines are effected by the bone quality and implant length
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