KISPLANT - Selection of Abutment

2017-06-27 10:22

The fine abutment has a 1.5/2.5/3.5/4.5/5.5mm cuff height there are a variety of margin diameters such as Ø4.5/Ø5.5/Ø6.5 while considering the prosthesis for each tooth position.

#6, 7 (posterior area): Use a Ø5.5 diameter and more than a 2.0mm cuff height. Although the cuff height depends on the gingival height, select the cuff height for the prosthesis can be placed on the gingival height or slightly lower
#4,5 (premolar): Use a Ø4.5 diameter. The cuff height should be positioned slightly below the gingival margin since they are visible. Sometimes, if its width is larger, a Ø5.5 diameter can be used however a Ø4.5 is generally used
#11, 12, 13: For the maxillary anterior, use a Ø4.5 diameter. Select the cuff height to be positioned below the gingival. Due to aesthetic reasons, implants in the anterior are placed deeper than posterior implants and there should be more than a 3mm cuff height
#43: Use a Ø4.5 diameter for mandibular canine. The cuff height is same as above
Mandibular incisors: Since the gingiva is thin and the width is small, use a Ø4.0 diameter. Because it will be placed deeply and sometimes more than 3mm or 5mm cuff height can be used
The large size of the teeth in molar: Use a Ø6.5 diameter
If practitioners are not sure about the size of abutment, they can refer to the experienced lab technician. Arrange a study group with experienced senior practitioners to learn from them.

During abutment selection on the basis of implant-abutment connections, clinician should consider the topography of bone, available soft tissue characteristics, force component such as rotational, the prosthetic components required particularly for aesthetic purpose, and single-implant restoration.

Note1: A Ø4.5 diameter abutment are used for anterior teeth and a 3.5 diameter fixture. However, a Ø4.0 diameter abutment can be supplied. Post height of 4.0mm (instead of 5.5mm) can be supplied. We need 2 weeks notice for these customized size.
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