Guided Bone regeneration System GBR is the procedures that attempt to regeneration bone prior to the placement of implants. This is accomplished using bone grafts, biocompatible membranes, screws and bone collectors that keep out tissue and allow the bone to grow.




25X34mm. It is customisable by cutting any needed size.

Self-drilling is possible. It has 4mm to 12mm size.

GBR(Guide Bone Regeneration) Kit

Composition: Driver, Kit, Shaft(for driver, for engine), Micro screw (Diameter :Ø1.2mm. 1.4mm), Titanium mesh.
Dia 1.2 and 1.4x4mm screws are suitable for fixing membrane without using mesh. Or when a lot of bone have been used, membrane does not make shape so you can use mesh to make shape and fix the mesh with 1.4x4mm screws.

2-4 screws can be used depends on the case.