CAMEO Intraoral Scanner (Exclusive distributor)
The digital dental clinic is the starting point or oral digitalization. The 3D IntraOralScanner is the first device in the digital workflow. The Cameo IntraOral Scanner will be your most convenient and efficient multi-tool for various applications like diagnostics, patient education and of course digital impression taking. Provide your patients more and better services and increase quality and efficiency in your dental clinic.
The Cameo Intraoral Scanner provides good functioning cameo intraoral scanners. With convenient operating, Cameo Intraoral Scanner can bring you better user experiences.

The established pen-style of the wand provides convenient haptics and feel.

Focus on application skills, intelligent data optimization, and supporting clinical toolkits.

The data format is open and sustainable, and the software can be upgraded free of charge.

The Cameo chairside solution provides patients sufficient treatment results.

Cameo IntraOral Scanner System Requirements & Parameter


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