Orthodontics is the speciality category, within dentistry, that focuses on treating overbites and underbites, dental occlusions, misaligned or overcrowded teeth and issues pertaining to mouth, jaw and lip alignment. Dentalsupply has all of the products you need to perform tooth extractions, orthodontic impressions and fixed bracket brace installations. For those patients who opt for a clear solution to teeth alignment, we offer Whitesmile Clear Aligners to doctors at the best possible value. Browse our large selection of premium orthodontic products from leading brand from Korea.

  • Bracket
    Metal & Ceramic

  • Clear Aligner
    Whitesmile Clear

  • Orthodontic Implants
    Truetrek by Dentalsupply

  • Hand Piece
    Made in Japan

  • Orthodontic Plier
    Made in Korea


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