Optimum selection of the dental implant diameter

2021-04-11 09:03
Optimum selection of the dental implant diameter

The 4.0mm diameter implants should be basic diameter instead of 3.5mm diameter.
3.5mm of KISplant is strengthened compare to other company’s fixture.
However, single 3.5mm in premolar, it can be torn after 4-5 years (same rule applies to Straumann, Osstem and Dentium).
Implant size selection depends on dentition for upper and lower jaw
1. Number 4 and 5: Basic 4.0mm, 3.5mm is too small
2. Number 6 and Number 7: Basic 4.5mm, 4.0mm is too small
3. Number 6 and Number 7: Do not use 4.0 mm for single implant. If there are more than 2 implants, 4.0mm is possible.

Implant size selection.
1. 3.0mm: The single tooth implant among 4 incisors lower jaw. Crown is possible
2. 3.5mm: maxillary lateral incisor & 4 mandibular anterior teeth. Their use should be avoided for maxillary anterior and all posterior teeth. Single crown possible
3. 4.0mm: #1,3,4,5 upper jaw & #3,4,5 lower jaw. Single crown possible
4. 4.5mm above: Molar upper and lower jaw. Must use 4.5mm above
5. Molar upper and lower jaw and 2 bridges: Two 4.0 mm implant
6. Molar upper and lower jaw and 3 bridges: Use at least one 4.5mm
7. The molars single: Use 4.0mm above
8. The molars single bridge: 3.5mm
9. 4 incisors lower jaw, 4 unit bridge: Two 3.5mm implants
10. 4 incisors upper jaw, 4 unit bridge: depends on the occlusion length of bridge, if Occulsal force is less, two 3.5mm can be used however two 4.0mm is recommended
Note: If the guideline is not followed, the head of fixture can be torn