RM300 per piece

Origin: Korea

Brand: TrueUCLA by Dentalsupply

Screw: Included

Material:  Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum

●   What is UCLA CCM (Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum)?

The UCLA (Castable) abutment has been used over the past 4 years in the restoration of osseointegrated implants. The design of the abutment allows fabrication of the restoration directly to the implant fixture, bypassing the transmucosal abutment cylinder. This technique is valuable in overcoming problems of limited interocclusal distance, interproximal distance, implant angulation, and soft tissue response. Another major advantage with the UCLA abutment is that of improved esthetics. After treatment of 46 patients with 118 UCLA abutments, the 4-year success rates are 95.8%.

●   Gold, CCM or Plastic type?

This CCM Abutment is the excellent replacement product of Gold UCLA. It offers the same level quality with the Gold UCLA with reasonable price.

●   Advantage

  • Reasonable Price against Gold UCLA Abutment
  • Better strength (Cobalt)
  • Improve Thermal stable, Corrosion Resistance(Chrome)
  • Increase Corrosion Resistance (Molybdenum)
  • Higher Precision performance than Plastic UCLA Abutment

●   Connection Compatibility Range

Hex type, Non-hex  type Tri-channel type, Octagon type, Double Hexa type, etc.

●   Chemical Composition

Cobalt(66%), Chrome(27%), Molybdenum(6%), Nickel(<1%)

●  Custom Made (OEM) Abutment

  • We supply custom made abutments. Their advantages, including patient-specific soft tissue management during the healing phase and final restorations that adhere precisely to the patient’s gingival architecture, make them an excellent option for implant treatment.
  • We welcome to supply any OEM customized UCLA Abutment under your company’s name

●   Available CCM Abutment by Implant System and Connection Type