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Biological, suturable dura substitution

Functional. Tearproof. Absorbable.

Lyoplant is a  pure  collagen   implant  that  is produced   from  bovine pericardium. This highly purified collagen is known for its low propensity  to  cause  immunological   reactions.

The special and comprehensive manufacturing process eliminates all non-collagenous substances such as fats, enzymes and other non-collagenous proteins.

A controlled lyophilisation (freeze drying) process supports that the loose fibre structure of Lyoplant”‘ is preserved to offer appropriate conditions for integration after implantation.

After implantation, Lyoplant slowly degrades enzymatically and is substituted  by body’s own  connective  tissue.

lyoplant - bbrown.pdf

Lyoplant 2012-2